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Argentina Business Contacts Lists allows you a large variety so that you can be sure to focus your marketing efforts the exactly the right company in the region. There are two different types of business contacts lists for Argentina as under:

  Argentina Email list with Contact Person Names
  Argentina Email Addresses Only
  Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Argentina Email list with Contact Person Names

This is a perfect list for sending personalized offers. Segments in the list include company name, contact person name, address, their phone, fax, city / country, email address and website addresses.

Argentina Email List with Contact Person Names

Price US $ 49 / AED 180
Total Records 3,926
File Type MS Excel
Download Sample file Short Sample   l   Complete Sample
Segments Available Records
Contact Person 3,926
Company Name 1,600
Address 3,920
City 12,159
Country 14,033
Telephone 2,867
Fax 901
Email 3,926
Website 3,923

Argentina Email Addresses only

This list has email addresses of businessmen & companies from different segments of market. You can use this for new Email Database launch, Email Database surveys etc.

Argentina Email Addresses Only

Price US $ 39 / AED 144
Total Records 3,926
File Type TXT File
Download Sample file Short Sample

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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

B2B Email Marketing Tricks of the Trade

Four tips and tricks for how to avoid running a business-to-business email program that's cold, corporate, and boring, including boosting your creative and using personalization.
After sharing email best practices for small- and medium-sized businesses, I thought the underrepresented B2B email community deserved a spotlight on it.
B2B (business to business) email marketing doesn't get nearly the attention as big consumer email programs but it is often where the most innovation is taking place. In a two-part series, I will look at eight ways to make a real impact on the bottom line. After all, that's what exceptional B2B email programs are all about.

Email subscribers spend more than your other customers. Well, they should. After you leverage email and marketing automation, you hopefully are touching your customers more frequently and in a more strategic fashion. We have helped most of our clients not just get more incremental revenue from email subscribers but measure that. Most CMOs and CFOs really like the measuring part.
Ensure your creative doesn't suck - $1 million lift. Most B2B email programs typically have a lot to be desired when it comes to creative. In fact, even smart business-to-business email campaigns I see fail on the creative. They are often long direct mail lookalikes that place the call to action at the email's bottom - the part that no one will read. B2B email creative isn't like B2C. In B2B, the goal isn't to sell the widget via email but to keep the relationship moving forward, stay top of mind, and differentiate your Email Database or service.

One of my agency's clients will see over one million in additional sales by optimizing templates that we made. These weren't just front-end tweaks to make it look cute. Changes were driven by better coding as well as data-driven decision making and testing.

Why the landing page is as important (maybe more). Ah, the landing page. Quite often it should be viewed as the no man's land of digital marketing. Many digital agencies let their rookie designer cut their teeth on their brand's dime. However, this approach can often make or break your email campaign and sometimes your B2B email program.

Landing pages are wonderful vehicles when designed appropriately. They should be the continuation of the email's purpose and should offer value in exchange for a more specific relationship/sales opportunity. For example, tease the brand new and exclusive white paper in the email and give it away on a well-designed and user friendly landing page where more profile data might be acquired or even better a sales call might be arranged.

Use segmentation and personalization. One head of marketing recently told me she considers her email program a precision marketing platform and that is what B2B email marketing is when properly executed. Dynamic campaigns that customize the content based on a user's profile dynamically sent from a local sales rep (with the headshot varying based on each subscriber's profile) help bridge the gap of what I often hear many B2B campaigns complain of - being cold, too corporate, and bland.