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Hungary Business Contacts Lists allows you a large variety so that you can be sure to focus your marketing efforts the exactly the right company in the region. There are two different types of business contacts lists for Hungary as under:

  Hungary Email list with Contact Person Names
  Hungary Email Addresses Only
  Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

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Hungary 2 in one Package Offer

  # List Name Records US $  AED
  1   Email List with Contact Person Names 765 29 107
  2   Email Addresses Only 1,224 29 107
  20% Discount Offer (2 in 1 Package) All Above 2 46 169

Hungary Email list with Contact Person Names

This is a perfect list for sending personalized offers. Segments in the list include company name, contact person name, address, their phone, fax, city / country, email address and website addresses.

Hungary Email List with Contact Person Names

Price US $ 29 / AED 107
Total Records 765
File Type MS Excel
Download Sample file Short Sample   l   Complete Sample
Segments Available Records
Contact Person 765
Company Name 303
Address 763
City 651
Country 765
Telephone 673
Fax 194
Email 765
Website 764

Hungary Email Addresses only

This list has email addresses of businessmen & companies from different segments of market. You can use this for new Email Database launch, Email Database surveys etc..

Hungary Email Addresses Only

Price US $ 29 / AED 107
Total Records 1,224
File Type TXT File
Download Sample file Short Sample

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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Creating A Measureable Objective

Creating a measurable objective for your email marketing campaigns will keep you focused and help you determine how successful your efforts have been.

Everyone knows that it's important to have goals. This is something children learn when they are young and it is a lesson that does not go away throughout anyone's lifetime. Whether it's personal goals or business goals, it's important to have a clearly defined objective, otherwise you'll never be able to know if you've achieved what you want to do. Imagine running a race without a finish line... you'd never know the taste of sweet victory since you'd just keep on running.

The age-old lesson continues to hold true in email marketing. Before you sit down to create your email marketing campaign, it is important to know exactly what you want to achieve. Furthermore, this goal needs to be something that is specific and measureable.
Forget spam. Spam's just the phoney million-dollar offer, and direct email marketing is miles away from that. Direct email marketing is reaching the right customers, with the right offers.
All too often I will hear business owners say that "my objective from this campaign is to drive sales". While that is both a logical and understandable objective, it is not particularly measurable because it is a bit vague. Is the objective of your email marketing campaign to sell 100 of a certain item? Is the objective of your campaign to increase phone calls to your sales office by 5%? By quantifying your objective with a specific number, you will be able to easily assess whether your goal has been achieved.

If you say that the goal of your campaigns are to sell 50 widgets and you end up selling 30, then you can say the goal was not achieved. Whereas, if you sell 75, then you can celebrate that you accomplished well more than your original goal. But, if you just say that "I want to sell widgets" and you sell 35 or 75, how would you know if you achieved your true objective? Once you have a clear measureable goal for your email marketing campaign, you can put together an email that will help you achieve that objective. This will help ensure that your email marketing campaign is very focused, which, in turn, maximizes your chances of achieving your goal.

If you want to drive sales of widgets, make sure widgets are prominently displayed at the top of your message without too much other content to distract your reader. If your goal is to increase the amount of phone calls you receive by 10%, then make sure your phone number is part of your call to action (for example: Call Us Now at 555-555-1234).

After you have sent your campaign, you can evaluate whether or not your objective was achieved. If it was, then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. If it wasn't, then you should try to determine why you fell short of your goal, and make sure to learn from your experiences.

By setting a measurable, well quantified, objective for your campaigns, you will know exactly what you want to achieve and be able to determine if you achieved it. This will undoubtedly make your email marketing efforts more effective.