Asia Region North Korea Email Database

The business leads from North Korea will largely help you to market to explore new ways to attract potential clients. There are two different types of business contacts lists for Korea as under:

  North Korea Email list with Contact Person Names
  North Korea Email Addresses Only
  Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

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North Korea 2 in one Package Offer

  # List Name Records US $  AED
  1   Email List with Contact Person Names 12,487 59 217
  2   Email Addresses Only 14,856 49 180
  20% Discount Offer (2 in 1 Package) All Above 2 86 316

North Korea Email list with Contact Person Names

This is a perfect list for sending personalized offers. Segments in the list include company name, contact person name, address, their phone, fax, city / country, email address and website addresses.

North Korea Email List with Contact Person Names

Price US $ 59 / AED 217
Total Records 12,487
File Type MS Excel
Download Sample file Short Sample   l   Complete Sample
Segments Available Records
Contact Person 12,487
Company Name 4,631
Address 12,388
City 2,127
Country 12,487
Telephone 9,789
Fax 3,803
Email 12,487
Website 12,399

North Korea Email Addresses only

This list has email addresses of businessmen & companies from different segments of market. You can use this for new Email Database launch, Email Database surveys etc.

North Korea Email Addresses Only

Price US $ 49 / AED 180
Total Records 14,856
File Type TXT File
Download Sample file Short Sample

Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

3 Keys to NPO Business Success

Because of how in expensive and easy to use email marketing is, it needs to become a key piece of your business cycle in order to make your NPO a success.

If non-profit email marketing isn't part of your business plan then you are missing out on a cost effective, easy to use tool that will inevitably increase donor involvement and contributions.
Including email marketing in your business cycle will help you to phase out other over-priced, money wasting methods of marketing or keeping important parties informed about what your organization is up to.

In terms of price, it is probably the only form of direct marketing that will cost you at most $10 to reach a thousand people interested in what you have to say.

Email marketing will also put you in full control over the final Email Database as it is so easy to use. So not only do you save time by being able to produce your campaigns in house, you also cut out the middle man. Using it is simply a matter of uploading images and cutting and pasting content into the hundreds of templates provided.

What if you don't have the time to do this? Then simply train a volunteer. Email marketing services are set up so that the least computer savvy of us can seem like a marketing expert.
Email marketing is also so easy to integrate into you business cycle by using three different formats: The Newsletter, The Promotional Ad and if necessary The Thank You Postcard. These formats will be sent out to every one of your contacts but are specifically useful for previous donors or prospective donors.

The Newsletter:
Newsletters detail the past, present and future events that your organization has, is or will work on. Of course any other relevant material can be included in the newsletter. Its purpose is to show everyone (but especially donors) what the money is being used for (or for prospective donor, what it can be used for), making the donor feel ownership for the differences they are making (or envision the difference they can make), giving them the impetus to donate again (or for the first time). We all know that there are many donors who give not SOLELY for the purpose of bringing good into the world (tax breaks etc.), however letting them know what they are helping to produce can only help your cause. Remember that the more informative your newsletter is, within a shorter space, the easier it is to keep your audience captivated.

The Promotional Ad:
Because you have kept your donor's attention with the newsletter, and they have practically witnessed how their donated dollars are being put to use, sending out promo ad emails for your fundraising events will have a more profound effect on their coming forth with a donation. By including them in every step of the process you establish that the donor now has a relationship with the organization. When the promos come around to the donor's inbox, the will feel a proprietary inclination to donate.

The Thank you Postcard:
The hope is that you will be sending out tons of these, as they are the optional last step in your business cycle. These are the 'thank you for donating/participating' emails (also great for volunteers), another important point in continuing the relationship with those involved in your organization.

Email marketing is so inexpensive and easy to use that it will become the new way you communicate with your interested parties. Before, during or after any of your events you can keep your donors and other important contributors informed by sending out email marketing newsletters. Then when it comes time for donations, use the promotional ad to remind them that their contributions are what keep your organization thriving. Finally the Thank you postcard will keep that relationship active after the fundraising event has taken place, until the cycle begins again. Non-profit email marketing will change the way your NPO operates!

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