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United Kingdom Business Contacts Lists allows you a large variety so that you can be sure to focus your marketing efforts the exactly the right company in the region. There are two different types of business contacts lists for United Kingdom as under:

  United Kingdom Email list with Contact Person Names
  United Kingdom Email Addresses Only

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United Kingdom 2 in one Package Offer

  # List Name Records US $  AED
  1   Email List with Contact Person Names 294,415 199 732
  2   Email Addresses Only 502,379 149 548
  20% Discount Offer (2 in 1 Package) All Above 2 279 2,027

United Kingdom Email list with Contact Person Names

This is a perfect list for sending personalized offers. Segments in the list include company name, contact person name, address, their phone, fax, city / country, email address and website addresses.

United Kingdom Email List with Contact Person Names

Price US $ 199 / AED 732
Total Records 294,415
File Type MS Excel
File Size 28.7 MB
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Segments Available Records
Contact Person 294,415
Company Name 101,558
Address 288,919
City 194,510
Country 294,415
Telephone 224,784
Fax 53,411
Email 294,415
Website 289,095

United Kingdom Email Addresses only

This list has email addresses of businessmen & companies from different segments of market. You can use this for new product launch, product surveys etc..

United Kingdom Email Addresses Only

Price US $ 149 / AED 548
Total Records 502,379
File Type TXT File
File Size 9.95 MB
Download Sample file Short Sample

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